5 Times I Wish Our Conscience Would Have Warned Us

You must have heard your inner voice instructing you to do or not to do something. It is conscience, the voice from the inner core of your soul which guides you in the journey of life. But why is it so that conscience of all humans doesn’t work in the same way? What is right for your conscience might be wrong for the conscience of another person.

However, don’t you think that had conscious of all humans worked in the same way in at least a few human activities, the world would have been a better place!

Let us see how?

Leave any electric switch on while not in use

save elctricity

I still wonder how people commit this mistake (or rather sin!). How can they leave any electric switch or appliance on while it is not in use? Don’t their consciences shout out, “You call yourself civilized. Look at you. Have you ever realized that your saved electricity could lighten up many villages that are deprived of it?”

Fanatic Instagram-ers


Taking picture of every morsel and posting it on Instagram. It is the latest fad among youths. Once in a while, it is okay. But, is it still okay when your gut is dying of hunger, and you are busy clicking pictures and posting it with hundreds of hashtags? Haven’t you crossed the border line? Haven’t your conscious should stopped you?

Living in an imaginary world


We have thousands of friends on Facebook, thousands more on Twitter and Instagram; but how many people we actually share our feelings and emotions with. We spend hours on social media; still, we don’t have time to call our parents. Be it at home, workstation, park, cab, metro or any other public or private place, we keep ourselves glued to that stupid phone. Even when you are hanging out with your friends or spending time with family, you constantly keep scrolling your phone. Have you ever realized that these gadgets are disconnecting us from our real well wishers i.e. family?

Throwing garbage on streets


Are you really human and call yourself educated after throwing garbage out of bin? How can you do this inhumane act and your conscience never asks you question about it? You know very well that you should not through garbage or even a piece of paper out of your running car or road or any public places, but it’s surprising that despite your conscience asking not to do, you end up in doing the same. This is ironical!

Making duck face and pout


Seriously, do you really think that you look cool or sexy in those stupid faces you make while taking selfies? Have you ever tried to look at those snapshots through a different lens? Does that mean that naturally you are not beautiful and you require an artificial mask of expressions to look so?

So, how many times your conscience has warned you?

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