Netarhat: A Natural Escapade to the Pride of Jharkhand

An enchanting hill-station is not one of the reasons Jharkhand is known for. However, Netarhat which is also known as the Queen of Chotanagpur gives tourists an awesome chance to soak in the beauty of nature.

Netarhat is the highest point of Chotanagpur Plateau and best known for mesmerizing sunset and sunrise it offers. A lesser-known tourist point, Netarhat has been blessed with many natural beauties which are hard to find in other parts of the state, like lush pine jungles, pear garden, and some amazing viewpoints. A drive to winding road to the hills, forested with Saal trees makes the road journey to Netarhat unforgettable.

Here is a short tourist guide to Netarhat.

Sunset Point


Also known as Magnolia Point, the place offers one of the most scenic sunsets you would have ever witnessed in your life. From slowly sinking behind the blue mountain range to finally bidding adieu, you can watch every movement of the sun during sunset. The site is a paradise for nature lovers and shutterbugs.

Sunrise Point


Similar to beautiful sunset, Netarhat offers a panoramic sunrise. A view of sunrise early in the morning is absolute bliss and will make your day. It is one of its kind experiences to watch the round, glowing, saffron-colored sun, rising proudly in the sky. Watching spectrum of colors in the sky during sunrise is not-to-be-missed!

Pine Trees

pine jungle

It’s not that you have to travel to the Himalayan range to find pine trees, If you want to eyewitness pine trees in Jharkhand, Netarhat is the place for you. Patches of pine jungles are scattered in Netarhat. Spend some quiet moments around these trees and collect pine fruits as souvenir.

Koel Viewpoint

koel view point

This viewpoint is close to pine jungles and offers beautiful sights of Koel River, lush jungles and mountain ranges, all in one frame. This view point falls en route to pear gardens.  At this viewpoint, you can feel the warmth of Lansdowne of Uttarakhand.

Saal Jungles

saal trees

Though Saal trees are very common in Jharkhand, you can find lush, green saal jungles at their best in Netarhat.

Pear Garden

pear garden

Pic – Pear garden during Autumn

Very few people are aware that Netarhat has pear garden spread in acres which gives a fascinating view. Though you can visit it in any season, the monsoon is the best season to watch pear laden trees.

Netarhat Boarding School


Netarhat Vidyalaya is undoubtedly the most famous residential school of Jharkhand. Established in 1954, the school is well-maintained, surrounded by a manicured garden.

Pristine Beauty


The best part of the hill-station is untouched beauty it offers. You can take a closer look of simple, village life here which is still far from commercialization. If you want to soak in the unspoiled beauty of nature in its most crude and simplest form, Netarhat is the best escapade.


A night-stay is required to watch sunrise as well as sunset. Netarhat is 155 Km to the west of capital city Ranchi. It will take around 3 hours to reach there from Ranchi by road. The place is well connected through well-built roadway.

Day 1 – Reach the place till afternoon. Shift to a hotel or lodge. Leave for sunset point which is located 5 Km away from the center of the town. Watch sunset and get back to the hotel. Take rest.

Day 2 – Wake up early in the morning to watch sunrise. Sunrise point is near to Prabhat Vihar hotel. You can even take a walk to reach the site. Watch the sunrise, get back to hotel and cover the rest of the places till afternoon. You can either stay second day or leave.

How to reach Netarhat?

Ranchi → Lohardaga → Ghaghra → Netarhat

Where to stay?

There are many lodges, guest houses and hotels to stay in Netarhat. The place is less crowded in most of the seasons throughout the year.


  • The hill station is very small and consists of small hotels and lodges. Do not expect lavish hotels, resort and five-star facilities.
  • The place has only small eateries where you can get only local food and snacks.
  • Always keep sufficient snacks and food with yourself while heading to the place as you may not find multi-cuisine restaurants or dhabas en route.
  • Pre-book your hotel as in some parts of the year, like during Christmas holidays and New Year, the place receives unexpected footfalls.
  • You can extend your stay to 3-4 days for a relaxing vacation.

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